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Updated the NetRadiant packages to revision 395. Linux users should notice a significant increase in performance and are strongly advised to update.

If you are interested in Project::OSiRiON, you can also grab the latest development release.


Updated the NetRadiant packages to revision 392. This revision adds a decent set of build options for Tremulous maps and fixes the build menu on x86_64.


I wrote Glock: a simple OpenGL screensaver for windows, based on the KDE clock screensaver.


I added two tutorials to the NetRadiant page: creating arch doorways and bending pipes.


Nano! got a complete renewed base area and received some maintenance to improve gamplay and looks.


Odin is working on a retexture for Xreal of Gaelish, one of my Quake2World maps. There is a post on Quake3World.


Updated the NetRadiant packages to SVN revision 219. I also picked up Methane again and added three new screenshots.


Updated the NetRadiant packages to SVN revision 177. Windows and Linux versions can be downloaded here.


I've updated the GtkRadiant page with a new package based on NetRadiant. A brand new windows build is provided as well. For those looking for sounds: there also is an updated sound pack. Go here.


Supertanker has been so kind to create a series of excellent models for the Osirion Project. I've added a screenshot of Station 15 and the new background skysphere to the Osirion page. You can find supertanker's own screenshots collection on his website.


I've made a number of Tremulous screenshots, in response to this thread. So far I've only been able to cover ATCS and Transit, I hope I can make some shots of the other maps as well.

Update: I've made a few wallpapers based on the screenshots.


I finally found the time to put some work in this website. I merged pages from several locations into one site, did various minor updates and converted everything to HTML 4.01 Strict.

My thanks to maci for providing webspace on


A new Nano! I should have released this a long time ago, and I'm glad I finally took the time to do it. The Nano! page has an updated screenshots section and the new download.


I fixed two bugs in the Sirius Complex. A misaligned patch in a rather visible place, and a spectator trap in the launch bay. Please download the updated version here.


Sirius Complex Final released. No structural changes, just the necessary finishing touch in preparation for the Tremulous Community Map Pack. Latest screenshots and download on the Sirius Complex page.


I have written a HOWTO on how to build and patch a tremulous dedicated server for linux from SVN. The article is located on the tremulous forum.


Nano! Beta 1 released. This release adds some much needed corridors and features an improved base location. More on the Nano! page.


I have updated the GtkRadiant 1.5 builds to SVN revision 170. This release includes extra gamepacks and the official manual. More information on my GtkRadiant page.


Nano! Alpha 1 released. I challenged myself to build a small map in a short period of time, and this is the result. More on the Nano! page.


Sirius Complex Beta 1 released. Though development has been somewhat slow, this release contains a few important updates that should improve gamplay: the human base has a better starting location and should be more defendable. The storage area has become a real base location with a door. More on the Sirius Complex page.


Added my gtkradiant builds to the download page, you can find the installation instructions on the tremulous forum.


Procyon R1 released. This is an update that removes the balcony from the human base and fixes the camping spot above the stairs nearby. Get it from the Procyon page.


Sirius Complex Alpha 1 released. This is the first release of my new map. Check it out on the Sirius Complex page. You can find some comments in the posts on the Tremulous forum and the Tremulous-fr forum.


Procyon Final released. Not much has changed from beta2, a few fixes, some details. Screenshots and download are on the Procyon page.


Procyon Beta 2 released. This is a bug-fix release for the camping spots in the human spawn area, hopefully this will prevent the stalemate-games. Some empty places have been filled with detail and a few windows were added. Finally, this release has water in the waterway!


Procyon Beta 1 released. This release includes an improved layout with new passages and a rush-safe human spawn room. Four teleporters where added to bring you quickly from one side of the map to the other.
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Procyon Preview 2 released. It includes a lot of updates and is intended to improve on balance and gameplay.
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Procyon Preview 1 released. You can find the original post on the Tremulous mapping forum.
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