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Here you can find the things I've created and the projects I'm involved in.

My previous host has dissapeared into thin air and forced me to move my website elsewhere. I've set up my own domain and restored my website from backup. Welcome to
The MinGW32 development environment guide has been updated to the lastest mingw-w64 and all packages have been rebuild with gcc 7.1.0.
Vega Industries: Outpost 13 Release Beta 3 is now available from the Unvanquished forum post. This is mostly a technical release that splits the map and the textures into two separate packages. The project has now its own development page on GitHub.
I ported my map Vega Industries: Outpost 13 to the game Unvanquished and give it a complete texture overhaul. Release Beta 2 be found in the Unvanquished forum post.
Another major update of the MinGW32 development environment, based on gcc 4.9.2. It has been online since last week, and in the meanwhile the final small bugs have been ironed out.
Another update to the MinGW32 development environment, based on gcc 4.8.2.
10 new skies were added to my Project::OSiRiON skybox pack. More information on the forum post.
It has been a while since the previous post, so I'll try to make up with a double anouncement: There's an updated MinGW32 development environment built with gcc 4.8.0, which I used to create new NetRadiant packages. For the brave, there's also an experimental build for 64bit windows.
I converted the Project::OSiRiON skyboxes to a Quake 3 compatible format and released them as a mapping assets collection. I also wrote a tutorial on using Spacescape to assist you in creating your own space skyboxes.
I've updated my MinGW32 development environment installation guide. If you want to setup your own environment without compiling all the packages you can install the base system and use the prebuild packages.
NetRadiant and Tremulous files are available again.
My host had some serious filesystem problems and I had to restore my website from backup. Restoring the downloads will take some more time, as I have to upload all files again.
After sitting unfinished on my harddrive for years, I released a playable version of the Tremulous map Methane. It is a large map, but the vertical layout and a few shortcuts should help the players to move around quickly.
I created the wasteland skybox for the Tremulous mapping community.
The map compiler included with the 2011-02-20 radiant build had a bug that could cause it to crash when compiling with certain settings. This problem is now corrected and new builds are available. The biggest change is a dedicated build for Ubuntu Linux, this should solve the problems with incompatible libraries. Downloads are available on the download page.
I made a new set of radiant builds based on the latest source code. This release includes builds for Macs 10.5 and 10.6. These builds are intel-only, PowerPC is not supported. Grab your files from the download page.

Project::OSiRiON now has its own website at If you're interested in the game's development you might want to create on account on our brand new forum.


After spending almost a week doing data recovery and hunting down hardware problems things finally seem to have settled down. I probably learned more about linux software RAID and mdadm then I ever wanted to know, but in the end I have to admit RAID5 was a good idea.

I made a few updates to my Tremulous pages and gave Vega Industries: Outpost 13 its own page. A few dead links have been corrected on the other pages and I marked Methane as discontinued.


I didn't update my website yet with a dedicated page for my latest Tremulous map. In the meanwhile you can find the download and some screenshots in the Vega Industries: Outpost 13 thread on the Tremulous forums.

There is a also a new development release for Project::OSiRiON, based on SVN revision 740. This release brings trade to the universe and is the first with a build for 64bit windows.

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Project::OSiRiON is a space game under development.

Visit the Project::OSiRiON website or join #osirion on the Freenode IRC network.


Packages for the NetRadiant map editor.



Unvanquished related files, maps and screenshots.

Visit the Unvanquished website or join #unvanquished on the FreeNode IRC network.


Tremulous projects: maps and Tremulous related files


Visit the Tremulous website or join #tremulous on the FreeNode IRC network.


Quetoo related files, maps and screenshots.

Visit the Quetoo website or join #quetoo on the FreeNode IRC network.


Tutorials I wrote

MinGW32 development environment
Creating skyboxes with Spacescape


Programs I wrote.

Glock is an OpenGL clock screensaver for windows.

A program to solve Sudoku puzzles.


Piano music I recorded.

music downloads




The Gimp, for all your image manipulation needs. A windows version can be found here.

Audacity, sound editing and recording software.

Inkscape, an SVG graphics editor.

Blender, a 3D content creation suite.

KDE, the software collection with the K.

Arch Linux, a lightweight and flexible Linux distribution that tries to Keep It Simple.

Try a Linux distribution or FreeBSD.