Keyboard shortcuts

This is an (incomplete) list of NetRadiant keyboard shortcuts.

Brush creation and selection


click+drag create a new brush


esc deselect
shift+click add object to selection
shift+drag box selection
click inside selection+drag move selection
click outside selection+drag resize selection
backspace delete selection
h hide selection
shift+h show hidden
i invert selection
shift+ctrl+r selection to region


ctrl+z undo
ctrl+y redo
v toggle vertex edit
e toggle edge edit
f toggle face edit
ctrl+m make selected brushes detail
ctrl+u CSG merge
shift+u CSG substract

Edit modes

w translate tool
r rotate tool
q resize tool (default)
x clipper tool

Clipper tool (x)

enter cut and delete left hand side
shift+enter cut


shift+ctrl+click select face
t open textures window
s open surface inspector
shift+arrows move texture
ctrl+arrows scale texture
shift+pgup/pgdn rotate texture
shift+t toggle texture lock


n Open entity properties window


1..9 grid size
0 toggle grid
j toggle measures
ctrl+d toggle detail brushes
shift+ctrl+d toggle structural brushes
alt+0 toggle lights
alt+2 toggle entities